Coffee, Espresso Bar, Teas + Chai

Select Coffee1.871.952.30
Select Iced Coffee2.202.452.70
Select Tea1.871.952.30
Select Chai2.953.604.15

Espresso Bar

Espresso Machiatto2.402.80
Espresso, Dollop of Foamed Milk
Caffe Latte2.803.603.90
Espresso and Steamed Milk
Caffe Latte2.803.603.90
Espresso and Foamed Milk
Caffe Americano2.502.852.95
Espresso with Hot Water
Cafe au Lait1.982.302.50
Half Coffee, Half Steamed Milk
Caffe Mocha3.203.804.10
Espresso, Choc. Syrup, Whipped Cream + Cocoa

Specialty Drinks

Vanilla Dream3.95
2 Shots French Vanilla Espresso, Caramel Steamed Milk + Whipped Cream
Espresso Frappe5.50
Double Shot of Espresso, Blended with Milk + Ice Cream
Double Shot of Espresso, Choc. Syrup, Choc. Ice Cream, Milk + Ice
Double Shot of Espresso, Coffee Syrup, Coffee Ice Cream, Milk + Ice
Hot Chocolate2.502.953.25
Hot Fudge Blended with Steamed Milk + Whipped Cream